About me

My name is Emily and I am a 19 year old student currently studying Journalism at Leeds Beckett University. I have created this blog as I like to think that I am an enthusiastic individual and I want to showcase my upcoming work and express my passion. I have been interested in Journalism, reading and writing from a young age, I eventually want to report sport events or write for a magazine. My main hobby is horse riding and I have been competing for around fifteen years, I would like to incorporate this into my career and report three day events and competitions. My family have a small farm where I keep my horses which means I can take a step back and focus more on my degree for the next three years.

I live in a small town called Halifax which is only around thirty minutes away from Leeds but I decided to move to Leeds despite the distance as I wanted to be closer to University and experience living in a big city where more opportunities may arise.

I understand the difficulty and competition within the Journalism industry but it has been my dream for many years and if I work hard enough during the next chapter of my life I will hopefully achieve my goal.