Reflection Seven

Since starting my assignments I have received both positive and constructive feedback in the workshops. My first assignment was far to broad and it was suggested to me to get more primary sources and a clearer angle on my story. Since doing this I have managed to progress much further with my article.

I feel I could have managed my time better in the first few weeks of the course starting but once I caught up and started doing work on a daily basis I have managed to keep on top of my work and start to go back to improve on previous work. I have started to gather material for my articles and produce rough copies, however plan to write up a draft for both of my articles in the upcoming week.

If I could go back to week one to give myself some advice I would tell myself to get as many primary sources as I can quickly so that I have plenty of time to write my article. I would also tell myself to create a study plan so I can stay on top of my work for all of the modules and evenly distribute my time for each.


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