Pitch One

Competing at County level shows against producers 

This will be a feature article discussing the judging at county level horse shows. A lot of well known producers compete as well as some home produced amateurs. Some amateurs find it harder to compete against producers due to their skill and reputation. Search for a star is show in the UK that gives amateurs a chance to compete at Horse of the Year Show without going through expensive producers. To keep a horse at a producers yard it is averaged at around £150 pound a week. Amateurs are faced with a lot of difficulties making it harder for them to be successful. I am going to structure the article around different opinions from both producers and home produced riders.

For primary source material I have already listed some names and yards I can contact.

Home produced- Tabitha Gill, Tracey Radcliffe and Margaret Gill.

Producers- Emily Hanson

For secondary source material I will use prestigious websites such as the BSPS, Horse and Hound and Horse of the Year Show.

The article will be 800 words long.


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