Drink Spiking on the rise in Leeds (sub-edited)

The start of freshers has brought a rising concern in the number of drink spiking incidents.

By Emily Coneron

Since the start of freshers in Leeds alone there has been several reported and unreported cases of drink spiking incidents which is showing concerns for the safety of students.


Research shows the majority of students do not report incidents in fear of the reaction they will receive from family and peers, an article in the Guardian revealed that a young girl was spiked but did not report the case in fear of people saying she just “got drunk and did something stupid.”

Georgia Gee, was spiked on a night out earlier in the year. She says that she “could not have done anything different” but it has made her far more aware of her surroundings and the people she is with. She was found in the toilets thirty minutes after the incident unconscious but she decided to not report the incident in fear of other peoples reactions.


Rohypnol, also known as the date rape drug, has several serious and noticeable side effects. The main symptoms are “visual problems, finding it hard to move, memory loss, unconsciousness and hallucinations,” as seen on the NHS website.

Most clubs in Leeds do not have the correct amount of protection, Jennifer Tierney a first year student at Leeds Beckett University, states that most clubs do not have the correct amount of protection against drug users and only “occasionally check bags and pockets for drugs.” If clubs took the extra precautions by checking everyone entering it would decrease the amount of drug related incidents dramatically.



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