Creating Twitter

Today I created a professional Twitter account that I can use for work and education purposes. I followed other Journalists in several areas that I am interested in, the first being sport specifically Equestrian Journalists. I also followed Journalists in areas of fashion, celebrity news, music and current affairs.




Twitter then automatically followed accounts relating to the interests I had picked.




I then began to customize my profile by adding a picture, a banner and a bio. I also composed my first tweet. I also searched and followed people from my own interests to create a larger audience. I have inserted a before and after screenshot of my profile.




I decided to use a third party website to find more people to follow as it finds people based on specific subjects and interests. I used to websites Tweepi and We Follow to filter through interests and find people to follow. This makes following other users easier as it speeds up the process.

I then subscribed to some lists on twitter, lists are a collection of people who share the same interests or are related to the same subject. Lists make it easy to follow a large number of people are are interested in similar things. Nina Diamond is a Journalist who has created a large number of public lists in a variety of different subject areas. I subscribed to one of her Journalist lists, this means I can follow and filter tweets through just from that specific list.












Finally I used TweetDeck, this is a website that allows you to see different aspects of your twitter in columns. This includes people you follow, mentions, messages, lists and many more. This is useful to have open as you can browse many different aspects of Twitter at the same time without having to change pages. I added a few extra columns including one of Nina’s lists.




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