Reflection Six

Last week we looked at two different formats for online journalism, list articles and curation.

Curation is useful in today’s digital journalism because of how accessible it is. Due to today’s social media it is very useful for collecting primary and secondary sources. This means journalists can gather information they need quickly and easily, this contrasts against traditional journalism as it will have took a lot longer to gather material.

I think list articles are popular now because of the level of different platforms that can be used to create lists, for example: Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. They are also easy to read meaning people can scan over them without giving too much attention. They are easily accessible on smart phones and often posted on Facebook and Twitter which encourages people to open and read them. Examples of list articles can be found on Cosmopolitan.

I think my first assignment development is going well so far. I have started to collect both primary and secondary material. It is much harder than I previously thought to contact sources, especially via email. I find it easier to physically go and see the source or try and contact them over the phone. I plan to start a first draft this week and carry on adding sources in the upcoming weeks.


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