Reflection Five

Last week we learnt how to sub-edit our work, I sub-edited my first article about drink spiking in Leeds. This process helped me to spot mistakes easier as I had a clear structure on what to look for. I also found it easier to leave my work for a few days and then sub-edit it so I had a fresh perspective on the article. Other people reading my work once sub-edited also helped me to find any last mistakes. I also added images into my sub-edited article, this made the article more aesthetically pleasing.

We also began to add images into our WordPress articles. To do this we first resized the image to 650 pixels, we then added the image into the text using the add media button.You can align the image depending on where it sits in the text. It is best to use a landscape image as it fills the page horizontally¬†but doesn’t take up the whole length of the page. JPEG images are used for online publishing because they are supported by most browsers. JPEG images are also a small file meaning it does not take up too much space on the page.


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