Reflection Four

The past week we have continued with our first articles, we have also started to incorporate primary and secondary sources into our work. A primary source is original material that we have collected ourselves, an example is conducting an interview with someone and using quotes from this. The material is new and unseen making your work stand out against other articles.

Secondary source material is research already made by someone else, this can be used if it is properly attributed to the original author, if you fail to do this it is breaking the copy right law and is classed as stealing somebody else’s work.

Primary sources are important in journalism as they give new information to readers, they also make the story more reliable as it gives first hand quotes.

The main thing I learned in last weeks lecture on interviewing was that you should not let the interviewee see the article before it is published as they may want to make adjustments to what they have said. The other tip I found useful was not to give the interviewee the list of questions before the interview as it then runs the risk of being set up or rehearsed answers which does not give a true picture.


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