Reflection Three

During the past week we have begun to create our first piece of Journalism. I have started to create primary source material to incorporate into my article. I have started to notice  differences between different types of Journalism since the start of my course. Traditional Journalism and Online Journalism are both similar and different at the same time.

They both follow a similar structure and include images, however they are also different. The main difference is the length of the article, printed journalism is often up to 1600 words, in comparison to online journalism which is a mere 250-750 words. This is because online journalism is shorter and more to the point to avoid people skim reading the content. Another difference is the accessibility of online journalism. To read online journalism it takes minutes to search and find an article you need, however to read printed journalism you have to find a seller and also buy the product. I think this is why online journalism is becoming more popular.

A good website for sub-editors is  as it discusses how to sub-edit and why it is done.

Jakob Neilsen suggests that 79% of web users scan content, this means people who read news online are more likely to scan over the page and pick out the important parts of the article. To avoid this many online Journalists use short, to the point articles. Short paragraphs and lots of images also helps to break up the article and encourage people to read the full article.


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