Reflection Two

Last week in our workshop we set up our Word Press blogs that we will use for the next ten weeks for coursework purposes. After the ten weeks I plan to keep my blog to carry on building content and increasing my portfolio.

When setting up my Word Press profile I found it difficult to add pages onto my blog as when I created a page it didn’t appear on my blog. However, I got around this by checking my menus tab and realizing I had accidentally deleted the menu link. Once I had recreated it my page appeared on my blog.

I have changed the theme of my blog and added widgets such as Instagram, a follow button and a categories list. This really improves the layout and look of my blog as it looks more personalized and reflects my personality more. I also changed my header picture to make my text stand out more, this fit perfectly with the theme of my blog and seemed to tie it all together properly.

The thing that stuck the most from the copyright lecture was the fact that all online work is automatically copyrighted. This has made me more conscious about copyright laws and I will make sure I attribute all of my sources correctly.


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