Reflection One

My view on Journalism within the past two weeks has both  changed and been confirmed. The rapid growth of online Journalism which is leading to a decrease within printed publishing, did not come as a shock to me due to the power of social media and the internet in recent years. However, I did not fully comprehend the size and scale of the Journalism industry, especially the level of competition whilst trying to succeed within the industry. This however has made me more determined and driven to get my degree and get into the industry.

The most surprising information I have heard so far is the extent of the copyright laws, as I did not realize that everything online was copyrighted as well as all printed work. This has made me more conscious with regards to other peoples work and I will always make sure I follow the copyright laws.

My favorite parts of my first week of studying have been learning about the size and scale of the Journalism industry. This has made me excited for my future as well as broaden my perspective of where I want my degree to take me. I firstly wanted to go into print journalism but since learning about the size of digital journalism I have become a lot more interested in it. I think in the future digital journalism is by far going to be the largest form of journalism due to the practicality of it and the rise of social media and a more technologically advanced generation.

The thing I am most looking forward too within the next ten weeks is improving my writing skills and progressing with my blog as it will be a great portfolio for future work reference.


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