What Kind of Journalist Are You?

What kind of Journalist are you?

What topics are you most interested in as a Journalist? Pick two or three. Explain your choices.

I am mainly interested in three types of Journalism; sport, celebrity and fashion.

My main interest within the Journalism industry is sport, specifically Equestrian related sports such as Eventing, Show Jumping and Dressage. My interest in equine sports started from a very young age as I have competed myself for the majority of my life. I find that Equestrian sport has a high demand within the Journalism industry due to the wide variety of competitions and disciplines. I have a significant amount of knowledge on both the sport and the equine industry overall. I would also be interested in covering high profile events such as Horse of the Year Show and Olympia. A long term goal would be to cover the Olympics and investigate the effect that it has on increasing interest and participation within the sport.

I am also interested in Celebrity news. There is a high demand for Journalists within this sector due to the popularity and scale of Celebrity news. This weaves into my next interest which is fashion. I find fashion interesting due to the constant cycle of change which brings back old fashion and changes it slightly to fit with current trends. Although sport is my main interest within the Journalism industry I still enjoy exploring other aspects of Journalism including music, crime, current affairs and politics as it broadens my knowledge and experience as a Journalist.

Which blogs, news sites, apps and forums cover these topics best? 

Equine related blogs, news sites and forums declined during the recent recession. However, they are starting to become more popular after the recent win at the Olympics and the now increasing participation within the sport. Facebook groups that allow people interested in horses to talk and discuss recent events are very popular due to the rapid growth of social media. There are a substantial amount of professional websites but I think the equine industry needs new Journalists to help the industry grow and bring more money into the industry. The main equestrian website I visit to find out recent news is Horse and Hound. It has a news page, a forum and even a page where people can advertise and buy horses. It covers a large amount of equine news including the Olympics, the Paralympics, recent events and competitions.

Another example of an online and printed equestrian news source is Equestrian Life Magazine. They also cover a wide variety of equine news and also offer a subscription so users can receive the magazine monthly. Horse and Rider is also another example of a popular equine news source. I find that the website is not as easy and direct as the previous sources, although the magazine itself is a best selling equine magazine. Everything Horse is also a good news source but not as popular as the previous ones mentioned. Regarding equine news there are not many other valuable sources online, Tumblr has a lot of equine related blogs but not many are based solely on news. I enjoy reading writing of riding as it is more of a chatty news site/blog.

In regards to Celebrity news there are a large amount of news sites, blogs, magazines and forums. Some of my favorites are OK! as they have a very large variety of celebrity news and the website is constantly updated with recent and popular news. For american based celebrity news I like TMZ as they are a very reliable source and get good primary sources. I also like regular papers such as Mirror and Daily Mail as they always have a good variety of celebrity news. I also like to check Twitter for recent news as my followers constantly re tweet news onto my timeline making it easily accessible.

For fashion based news I tend to visit sites such as Vogue as they often have the most reliable up to date news on fashion including a wide variety of styles. I also like The Guardian for fashion based news as they report on new trends as well as doing editor’s picks giving the website a more personal feel. I also browse Tumblr for fashion inspiration as there is such a wide variety of style, colour, culture and size.

Do you have any hobbies or interests?

Horse Riding is my main hobby but I also enjoy shopping, going out for food and music.

Which blogs, news sites apps and forums cover these topics best?

I often use the websites listed above for my equine hobby, however I also use a variety of different Facebook groups. I don’t really use websites for my hobbies due to the practicality of them. However, I do use Spotify to create playlists, share music with friends and find new artists I may be interested in.




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